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Going mobile

The following line actually was published in an article in The Guardian a couple of weeks ago, in coverage about Trinity Mirror pulling the plug on UsVsTh3m and the implications for the just-introduced Facebook Instant Articles. Facebook’s plans, along with experiments such as UsVsTh3m, according to the Guardian:

crystallise what has been happening since the invention of the iPhone, and that is a move towards producing quickly accessible material which can be viewed through a very small, responsive screen.

If there is an imperative for journalists, journalism educators and anyone else with a stake in the field to keep in mind, it’s that. Quickly accessible. Small format. Responsive.

The Guardian’s concise summary of the state of the art resonates nicely with the most recent State of the News Media report,whose headline was that most news these days is being consumed via mobile devices.

It wasn’t that long ago journalists, and journalism educators, were working to articulate what it meant to be “digital first.” But that idea is now passe. What’s necessary is to be mobile first.